In a year of uncertainty we can be certain of one thing: The music keeps on dropping! The Raw Soul are ready to blast a brand new set of songs out into the world! For the new singles The Raw Soul worked with Oliver Corrodi from Mantra Studio, the same studio they partnered up with for the first EP "The Raw EP" which was released in 2018. 
The songs were all recorded in their living room in Zurich, Switzerland with a minimalist setup and much rawness. 
From their debut release in 2018 things have been going upward real fast. The Raw Soul have been jumping from stage to stage, have continued writing new songs and never lost their joy and love for music. The upcoming seven singles are the proof, that the band is unstoppable even in the hardest of times. 
Stay tuned and stay raw!
The Raw Soul are:
Patrick Sidler (Guitar)
Severin Götsch (Vocals, Guitar)
Rico Miglierina (Drums)
Claire Braun (Bass)